"As a retired designer I would like to share my views.  I met Marie through my home builder and found her style of business and proffesionalism was the way I conducted my own design company.  Marie has the knowledge of the product she carries, keeps you updated on your order and always follows up after everything has been completed.  She stands behind what she sells and I highly reccomend Marie and her company THAT dECOR."   Deni McCrae

Some Favorite Projects

Home Automation


This was a fun project where we connected the PowerView blinds to a Control 4 home automation system.

A Whole New Wall


Just by adding black-out honeycombs to the bottom half of these windows helps keep the heat under control.  We added power to keep the view neat and easy to operate.

Tough and Clean

Tough and Clean

Screen Shades are a polyester coated vinyl that easy to clean and allow a certain amount of privacy without obstructing the view.  This was a perfect solution for this family who has 3 rambunctious boys!

Double Function


This project made me fall in love with dual roller shades.  For a south facing window you have screen shade to filter the sun and the black-out for privacy.

Classic Style


Shutters are timeless and so beautiful.  They can also be a listing feature when selling your home.  

Library Love


We did not want to permanarly block the sun out so we put remote controlled blinds on these high windows.  They only go down when the smart board needs to be used.